• Recognizing Signs of Pet Emergencies
    Recognizing Signs of Pet Emergencies When you require urgent pet care, you need an animal hospital near you. At Sand Creek Animal Hospital in Albany, NY, a veterinarian on our veterinary Read more
  • 5 Tips to stop your pets allergies
    5 Tips to Stop Your Pets Allergies Just like humans, pets can suffer from allergies. Sneezing, itching, scratching, and watery eyes can all be par for the course when your furry Read more
  • Flea Protection in the summer
    Flea Protection in the Summer Fleas are never welcome. When your fur buddy is exposed to the hungry parasites, schedule an appointment with a “veterinarian near me” with us at Sand Read more
  • FAQs About Pet Laser Therapy
    At Sand Creek Animal Hospital, we offer pet laser therapy to treat numerous pet conditions in Albany, NY, and its environs. Since most pet owners aren’t familiar with laser therapy, Read more
  • What Can Pet Ultrasounds Show?
    Ultrasound for Pets Since the 1950s, ultrasounds have proven to be excellent medical tools for diagnosing various conditions and saving lives. Ultrasounds work by giving an accurate inside picture of a Read more
  • Common Signs Your Cat May be Sick
    If you're a cat owner, you know that a cat can go jumping on everything one minute to lethargic the next. Figuring out if your cat is behaving normally or Read more
  • How Often Should Your Pet Receive a Teeth Cleaning?
    Just as oral hygiene is necessary for you, the same is true for your pet. Animals can suffer from oral diseases just like their owners can. Unfortunately, pet owners tend Read more
  • Frequently Asked Questions For Your Pet's First Visit
    Your pet's first vet appointment can be stressful, especially if you are unsure of what to expect. At Sand Creek Animal Hospital in Albany, NY, we address your concerns at Read more

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