Pet Allergies

Pet Allergy Testing and Treatment

It’s not uncommon for pets to suffer allergies from household allergens and outdoor molds and pollinators. While some allergies can be relieved naturally, such as having a smoke-free home or dusting more frequently, many may require assistance from our veterinarians at Sand Creek Animal Hospital in Albany, NY. After pet allergy testing, a diagnosis and treatment will be provided to help keep your cat or dog healthy. 


Symptoms of Pet Allergies

Symptoms will vary depending on the allergens that are affecting your pet. The most common sources of their discomfort are related to the environment and can include pollen, dust mites, insect bites, mold, household chemicals, smoke, certain plants, and even grass. Some common symptoms of pet allergies include:

    • Hot spots, raw, or irritated skin
    • Dry, scaly patches, or hives on the dermis
    • Odors from the skin or ears
    • Wheezing that is similar to an asthma attack
    • Hair loss around the eyes, stomach, or under the limbs
    • Excessive scratching or itching
    • Vomiting after eating
    • Noticeable swelling in the neck or face
    • Persistent sneezing, dripping nose, or watery eyes

Some minor or seasonal allergies might subside on their own. However, those with persistent symptoms should be tested by our veterinarian. Sudden onset of certain symptoms may indicate a severe allergic reaction, which is common when pets are bitten by insects, snakes, or if they eat toxic plants.

Diagnosing Allergies in Pets

At Sand Creek Animal Hospital, we can perform a series of tests to narrow down or and determine pet allergies. Before starting, we’ll inquire about any changes in bathing, grooming supplies, routines, dietary changes, and your pet’s lifestyle habits. If these aren’t applicable, we’ll we will perform other tests. In addition to a skin sample and urine and feces samples, we may need to draw blood. When we are administering the vaccinations, we will make sure that your cat or dog stays comfortable the entire time.

Treatment for Allergies in Pets

After we identify the source of your pet’s allergy, our veterinarians will discuss treatment options and provide tips to prevent recurrences. Some allergies cannot be avoided, which means your pet may need to take daily or weekly medication. In other situations, we might recommend lifestyle changes or switching to a more natural diet.

Contact us for Treatment Today

At Sand Creek Animal Hospital in Albany, NY, our veterinarians offer comprehensive pet allergy testing and effective treatments to help provide your furry friend relief from allergies. To schedule an appointment for a routine exam, vaccination, or surgical services for your pet, contact us online or call our office at (518) 446-9171 today.


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