Annual Exam (Adult Dog)

Sand Creek Animal Hospital in Albany, NY offers a full range of veterinary services. We perform routine exams and vaccinations as well as diagnostic testing when your pet is unwell, and emergency services for times when accidents happen. With our combination of skill, technology, and love for animals, we give our patients exceptional veterinary care. Adult dog exams are one of the most common reasons people visit our animal hospital.


Your pet needs to visit a veterinarian annually for routine checkups. Humans can communicate how they are feeling. When we do not feel well or believe we are experiencing a health issue, we contact a doctor. Because animals cannot do that, pet owners must schedule annual visits with a reliable veterinarian. There are some obvious signs of health problems in pets, such as vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, malaise, loss of appetite, and excessive urination. It can be difficult to know, though, when your pet is suffering from something serious. This is why adult dog exams are important.

  • Vaccinations: Vaccinations are an essential aspect of keeping your dog in the best possible health. A consultation with our veterinarian will help you understand which vaccinations are appropriate for your dog. You must discuss and implement scheduled vaccines.
  • Fecal Samples: Fecal samples can help determine the presence of parasites in your pet’s body. Parasites in dogs are easily transmitted to people and other dogs, and can also contribute to various life-threatening conditions. If we detect parasites in your dog’s stool sample, we will provide appropriate treatment.
  • Blood Tests: Blood will be drawn to evaluate the quality of your pet’s blood. Red blood cells will be analyzed to detect a possible presence of infection or disease. 
  • Dental Cleanings and Radiographs: Poor dental health makes it difficult for your dog to eat. Regular dental care helps keep your dog’s mouth healthy. Poor dental hygiene can also lead to gastrointestinal issues if your dog is swallowing bacteria in his saliva. In addition to dental cleanings, we also perform radiographs to detect oral irregularities. 
  • General Wellness: During an adult dog exam, your dog’s general wellness will be assessed and documented. Weight will be taken. Eyes and ears will be checked. Major organs such as the heart and lungs will be evaluated. Physical palpation will help the veterinarian locate any lumps or other obvious physical abnormalities as well as to evaluate internal organs.

Veterinarian in Albany, NY

For more information or to schedule an adult dog exam, call Sand Creek Animal Hospital at (838) 900-7992.


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