Dog Vaccinations

We at Sand Creek Animal Hospital in Albany, NY, are dedicated to providing your puppy with everything he needs to promote and maintain a healthy lifestyle. With a visit to our animal hospital, a veterinarian on our veterinary team will get your pup set up with the preventative care he may need to get and stay healthy.

Dog Vaccinations

About Preventions Care

At our hospital, we will put together a plan for your pet's health and well-being. This may begin with a series of preventions care programs, potentially including puppy vaccines.

Your pup will receive a thorough check-up to determine the state of his or her health. If any tests are needed, they will be done to give the vet a better picture of your dog's health. Based on the state of your dog's health, any underlying health issues, potential health issues, age, and whether the dog has access to the outdoors or is an inside dog, we will choose the appropriate vaccines.

Why Dog Vaccines Are Important

Canines, both indoor and outdoor, can face a variety of diseases that negatively impact their health. This is why it can be important that your pup gets vaccinated and stay up to date each year.

The vaccines are created to stave off infections and diseases and are either core or non-core, the core being recommended for almost all pets while non-core varying based on the circumstances. Some of the diseases vaccines can help prevent include:

•           Canine Distemper

•           Canine Hepatitis

•           Canine Parvovirus

•           Kennel cough

•           Lyme disease

•           Rabies

Vaccination Age

Core and non-core vaccines may be administered by a veterinarian on our team starting while your dog is still a puppy. The exact date will vary based on factor such as your dog’s breed and current health. Additional vaccines may be administered throughout your pet’s life to help keep him protected as he grows older.

Get Preventions Care and Puppy Vaccines from a Veterinarian Near You to Protect Your Dog from Distemper

Our team at Sand Creek Animal Hospital in Albany, NY, are ready to serve your dog's needs with continuous care throughout your pet's lifetime. Call us at (518) 446-9171 for preventions care and puppy vaccines from a veterinarian near you to help protect your dog from distemper.


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