New Kitten

My kitten is coming in for an appointment, what can I expect?

Kittens come in several times over the first 6 months for a series of vaccines and exams. Depending on your kitten’s age, the appointments can vary slightly.

At 8 weeks

    • A complete exam (from nose to tail) to be sure everything looks, feels, and sounds the way it’s supposed to 
    • Weight check 
    • Fecal analysis to check for intestinal parasites 
    • Routine de-worming – Revolution PLUS to treat and prevent fleas and ticks 
    • Start Distemper Vaccine (FVRP) series (1st of 3) 
    • Discuss any general questions or concerns 
    • Test for Feline Leukemia (FeLv) and FIV if not already completed

At 12 weeks

    • Complete exam: It is important to have a full exam every four weeks as our kittens grow because the body is growing and developing so rapidly a concern may arise in a short period of time. 
    • Weight check 
    • Distemper (FVRP) Vaccine (2nd of 3) 
    • Discuss home dental care 
    • Continue Revolution even if the kitten will be indoors only
    • Start Feline Leukemia (FeLv) vaccine series (1st of 2)- outdoor cats only

At 14 weeks (outdoor cats only)

    • Visit with a technician only .
    • Discuss any questions or concerns 
    • Weight check 
    • Feline Leukemia (FeLv) vaccine (2nd of 2)

At 16 weeks

    • Complete exam 
    • Weight check 
    • Discuss Bartonella testing at time of spay/neuter 
    • Discuss spay/neuter (schedule in 4-8 weeks) 
    • Final Distemper (FVRP) vaccine (3rd of 3) 
    • Rabies Vaccine 
    • Discuss Microchipping


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