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You may be satisfied with your pet's health as a pet owner. Unfortunately, you're not alone. At Sand Creek Animal Hospital in Albany, we have noted that many pet owners need help understanding the importance of regular veterinary care services for their pet's health. However, as a leading animal hospital, we understand that regular visits to a local veterinary play a critical role in addressing the following pet conditions.


Addressing Pet Allergies

It's common for pets, just like us humans, to suffer from allergies. However, these allergies can cause serious long-term health consequences if left unchecked. Fortunately, Sand Creek Animal Hospital offers a variety of pet allergy testing and treatments that can help your pet stay healthy despite allergens in its environment. A veterinarian will ensure that pet allergies are appropriately diagnosed and offer advice on reducing the risk of future allergic reactions.


Disease Prevention & Treatment

Paying attention to disease prevention helps ensure that your pet stays healthy. Regular visits to the vet allow us to monitor your pet's health and detect any potential signs of disease in its early stages. This makes treatment more accessible and increases the chances of a successful cure for more serious illnesses. If caught in the early stages, there's a higher chance your pet will survive or recover from a preventable disease like distemper, parvovirus, or rabies.


Caring for Senior Pets

As your pet ages, monitoring its health regularly becomes even more critical. Older pets may experience age-related problems that require special attention and care. For example, pet arthritis and muscle pain can be managed through physical therapy or medications. Our experienced veterinarians at Sand Creek Animal Hospital offer tailored treatment plans for senior pets that may include special diets, lifestyle changes, or other forms of intervention to ensure your pet remains comfortable throughout its golden years.


Vaccinations & Parasite Control

Dealing with heartworm infections and other parasites is a primary concern for many pet owners. Fortunately, your vet can provide vaccinations and other preventative treatments to ensure that these infections and parasites don't have a chance to harm your pet. Generally, vaccination against heartworm and other parasites should begin early and then be administered regularly.


Spay and Neuter Services

You don't want your pet to have litters of kittens or puppies, so spaying and neutering are recommended for all pets. This helps reduce the number of stray animals in your community and the risk of certain cancers if your pet isn't spayed or neutered.


Call Our Veterinarians in Albany, NY

As you can see, regular veterinary visits can help ensure your pet remains healthy and happy for many years. If you're concerned about your pet's health or want to take proactive steps to prevent disease, call Sand Creek Animal Hospital in Albany today at (838) 900-7992 and schedule an appointment with one of our experienced veterinarians.


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