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Any loving pet owner will agree:  pets enrich our lives!  They eagerly anticipate when we'll be home, and they entertain us with exuberant antics, silly naptime poses, and quirky habits all their own.  Sand Creek Animal Hospital knows the quality and quantity of your pet's life is important to you. It's important to us, too.  Keeping pets healthy and happy requires pet parents to be observant and proactive. By adhering to a few good practices pet owners are able to often catch any developing illnesses or health emergencies in their early stages, before they cause any significant harm.  Perhaps the most effective of these practices is a routine checkup each year, during which your veterinarian performs a thorough physical exam and discusses with you any changes or concerns you may have noticed.


Importance of an Annual Exam for Your Adult Cat

Many animals have been known to endure pain with a remarkable stoicism, masking their ailments and showing only the subtlest signs of discomfort.  Individual personalities vary, but cats are often hard to read.  Most cats spend a large percentage of their day sleeping anyway, so lethargic behavior might not be readily apparent, and many prefer to hide themselves away when feeling sick, giving their owners a reduced chance of witnessing signs of their illness.  You know your cat better than anyone and will be able to pick up on changes and inconsistencies in their behavior that may signal the onset of a possible health problem.  However, an adult cat annual exam allows your veterinarian to get to know your cat and serve as a fresh set of eyes to catch changes and potential red flags from year to year.  Many internal issues are difficult to catch and can be caught early via a veterinarian palpating the cat's abdomen or a simple urine or fecal analysis.  Tests such as these can make all the difference between an intensive and costly treatment and a short course of medication.  

An adult cat annual exam includes an overall look at your cat and the organs and systems that might otherwise not be forefront in a pet owner's mind, like dental health.  Tooth decay and gum disease in adult cats often goes unnoticed until the cat is in too much pain to eat, and then it becomes a crisis, affecting the cat's health as a whole.  An experienced veterinarian has seen a wealth of patients and cases and brings many years of study and personal experience to the table for your cat's benefit, and will recognize hard-to-catch early symptoms for quicker and more effective relief for your cat.  

Simple preventative measures can give your cat a long, healthy life.  Schedule an annual exam with our veterinarian in Albany, NY, today!



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